Refurbishing Agreement

Fossil Tech Inc. has established the following compliance agreement that all customers must adhere to when using our refurbishing services. Fossil Tech Inc. is not liable for customer negligence or failure to read the conditions posted on our website. Our factory provides a 95% guaranteed success rate for the refurbishing of cracked screens. In the event that we are not able to refurbish your screen(s) Fossil Tech Inc. has the right to determine the appropriate recourse method. We provide 90 days warranty for refurbishing orders. LCD/digitizer and cables must be working upon return. See Warranty and Returns for more information regarding our return policy.

1. We highly recommend that the customer marks all of his/her cracked screens before shipping to us. Fossil Tech Inc. will not refurbish broken LCD's, LCD's with damaged flex cables, or LCD's with spots/lines present. Our professional testers will ensure each and every cracked screen has full touch functionality and pixel quality before starting the refurbishing process.

2. If a screen is deemed not able to be refurbished, we will contact the customer regarding the order details. Oftentimes screens that are sent to us for refurbishing are not able to be refurbished so we recommend that you also check your screens before you ship them to us. We will not be responsible for LCD's that are cannot be refurbished. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all of his/her cracked screens are functional and able to be refurbished.

3. It is the customer's responsibility to remove all components before shipping to us for refurbishing. Ex. home button, camera flex assembly, LCD shield plate, etc. must be removed before we can start our services. We are not responsible for these components, and we cannot guarantee they will be returned.

4. The customer will not be charged until our refurbishing services have been completed. Your credit card will be authorized, but not charged until we have completed our services. If, during the testing process our factory determines some of your screens cannot be refurbished, you will only be charged for the amount of good LCD's that we can refurbish. LCD's that we cannot refurbish we will send back to you with your order.

5. Typical turnaround time for refurbishing is 3-4 business days for orders under 50 pieces. However, this does not include shipping from the customer to us, and from us back to the customer. This time frame is subject to change depending on shipping delays and order volume. The customer will be notified throughout the refurbishing process, and order statuses will be available in the "My Account Dashboard".

6. Fossil Tech Inc. reserves the right to resolve any and all refurbishing issues as deemed appropriate.